Hyundai Spotlight: the 2019 Seoul Motor Show

The 2019 automotive gala, slated for March 29 through April 7, is well underway, and there are already all sorts of exciting things happening. The piece de resistance: a new exhibition concept, PLAY HYUNDAI, which is an interactive brand and product experience.

It's comprised of "villages" where enthusiasts of the drive can witness the cutting edge in Hyundai design and capabilities. The Sonata Village, for instance, showcases some of the smart mobility devices soon to be available in the all-new mid-size sedan, like Digital Key, a built-in camera, Voice Recognition Assistant, and passenger comfort seating. The N Village, on the other hand, highlights drive-time engagement and features both an adrenalized Veloster N racing game and a race event in which mini cars power down a course according to the participants' voice volumes. The NEXO Village concludes with a striking and promising image of a clean hydrogen future and the role that eco-friendly fuel-cell vehicles can play in it. Its centerpiece: an air purifying process and a garden that can draw clean water from a NEXO vehicle.

What else bodes the future of our automaker's cars and SUVs? A couple new and telling developments out of South Korea.

One: an all-new Hyundai Sonata 1.6 Turbo is set to appear sometime this year, packing a new 180-horsepower Smart Stream G1.6 T-GDi gas engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission -- the promise of an equally new driving experience.

It'll offer design enhancements to thrill the senses and make the sport drive more exhilarating, from a lower roofline and longer wheelbase evocative of a four-door coupe to a wide Parametric Jewel grille to embolden the mid-size car's image. Moreover, we'll be able to look forward to the effective drag reduction of sub-headlight air ducts, not to mention a unique wing-shaped rear spoiler to enhance stability at higher cruising speeds. An exclusive rear bumper and fetching twin-tip exhaust mufflers will complete the aesthetic.

Two: a whole host of new Hyundai auto parts, dubbed N Performance parts, will be available in late 2019 and early next year. They'll let you do everything from personalize your Hyundai vehicle's style to customize its performance.

On display in Seoul to demonstrate: a proprietary N Performance car, Hyundai Veloster N, but equipped with a showcase of 45 N Performance parts and other bespoke elements. For instance, 14 performance-specific parts will range from lightweight forged wheels and larger brake calipers and brake pads to a higher-octane suspension system and high-performing tires. 11 exterior style parts, on the other hand, will include a side skirt, diffuser and rear wing spoiler comprised of real carbon fiber. Alcantara and carbon fiber materials will round out the interior, present in nearly everything from the sport bucket seats and steering wheel to the parking brake, A, B, and C pillars, headlining, and dashboard. Exterior style points will include a feast for the eyes: an exterior matte gray finish starkly contrasted with yellow front splitter and side mirror covers.

What does this mean for the new Hyundai lineup here in Batesville, MS? Only time and a test drive here at Pride Hyundai will tell. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, your Hyundai experience awaits. Give us a call here on Highway 6 West or drop by for a visit, and we'll be happy to introduce you!