How to Turn in Your Hyundai Lease in 4 Easy Steps


Leasing a fun, affordable, and flexible way for Batesville drivers to get the benefits of new-car ownership--without the tricky parts of new-car ownership, like a committed five-year loan and full responsibility for care and service.

But if you're coming up on the end of your Hyundai lease, you might be wondering what comes next. The helpful video above does a great job of outlining the four easy steps to turning in your leased vehicle, but we've jotted down the main points here for convenience.

And, of course, if you have any remaining questions, we encourage you to contact the team at Pride Hyundai to learn more.


Step 1: Self-Assess Your Vehicle

Take a hard look all over your vehicle:

  • Exterior/body
  • Tires
  • Interior/upholstery
  • Windows/windshield

If you notice any red flags, big issues, or necessary repairs, you can get them fixed with a trusted mechanic before you bring it into the dealership--or, you can turn it in as-is and accept the associated service/clean-up fees.


Step 2: Schedule a Complimentary Inspection

While we love the idea of an honesty policy, it is important to schedule an official lease-end inspection with Pride Hyundai so we can make sure we check all the boxes--if you've taken really good care of your vehicle, an official inspection can make sure that you're not left with any fees for excess wear and tear.


Step 3: Settle Up Any Outstanding Payments or Fees

If you have any outstanding bills associated with the vehicle (this can include lease payments, parking tickets, etc.) it's important to get those taken care of before you bring your Hyundai in for turn-in, to save time at the dealership. You will get an invoice for any other fees associated with the lease-end: if you went over your allowed mileage, if you lost any keys or parts, or if you had a little too much fun with your car or SUV and really put it through the wringer.


Step 4: Schedule Your Turn-In Appointment

The final step of returning your leased Hyundai is--well, returning it. You can schedule a turn-in appointment with Pride Hyundai even if you didn't lease the original vehicle from us. From there, your choices include:

  • Lease another new Hyundai
  • Finance your current vehicle
  • Turn it in

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